Link Capacity very low inePMP1000

Hi Team

we found really low link capacity for ePMP1000, the details

Operating Frequency 5 215 MHz
Operating Channel Bandwidth 20 MHz
Transmitter Output Power 14 dBm
Antenna Gain 24 dBi
Country Other
Subscriber Module Mode TDD
Network Mode Bridge
Downlink RSSI -64 dBm
Downlink SNR 34 dB
Uplink MCS MCS 9 - QPSK 1/2
Downlink MCS

How to improve this?


Your downlink looks good. The way to test is RSSI - SNR should equal the noise floor. You downlink fits that equation. Your problem is uplink. I suspect that you have uplink noise rise, which is a way of saying that you have interference on this end, but no interference at the other end. Solve the uplink interference, and you should have QAM64 or QAM256 some of the time if you can make the uplink signal quality the same as the downlink signal quality.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Fayaz_Ahamed,

you can also post your AP and SM performance page screenshots. It will give more details on what is happening.

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