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Hi, I have a link with the following features: Link Capacity Variant: Lite Link Capacity: 34.00 (123.03 Capable) With the full license, the link would be capable of a bandwidth of 123Mbps? How can I optimize the radio link?

the link is only using 1 polarity, check pigtails. modulation is too low.

post spectrum view

Hi, thanks for your reply, in the radio link is enabled the option of “dual payload”, I have activated both polarity?

The radio will automatically switch to using both polarizations if (a) dual payload is enabled and (b) the modulation mode is at least 16QAM 0.63 and (c) the wireless path can support a connection without needing polarization diversity.

In this link, the receive direction is working at QPSK 0.87, so there is no available dual payload mode. In the transmit direction, it is working at 16QAM 0.63 Single. Most likely the wireless path cannot support dual payload, either because the signal is fading, or because the received level is very different in the H and V polarizations.

The unit has the Lite license, and the reported capacities in transmit and receive are correct for the license, range, symmetry and modulation modes.

Could you please tell us the antenna size, send us a picture of the path profile in LINKPlanner and confirm that this really is a 2.6 km link?

Thanks, Mark

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Hi, attached profile file of link_planner, the antennas used are RADIOWAVES 5.25-5.85 GHz 4 'High Performance Parabolic Antenna. Dual polarization. Gain of 34.7 dBi

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Thanks for the screenshot of the LINKPlanner information. This is a short link (2.3 km) with a line of sight path and free-space path loss of 115 dB. The earlier screenshot of the PTP 650 web interface shows path loss of more than 160 dB. This is equivalent to more than 45 dB excess loss, which suggests either an equipment fault, or a severely obstructed path, or an alignment problem.

In the LINKPlanner screenshot, the path grazes the terrain on the right-hand side of the path profile. Could you check the installation height of the antennas, and check for obstructions in the path? For example, are there buildings on the ground closest to the path?

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