Link disconnects

Hi All

I have a customer with a fairly sizable ePMP network. They have a few radios that associate fine, and then a few minutes later disassociate. It will reconnect but it's constantly up and down. It does seem to be an equipment fault, as they can replace the module and it seems to solve the problem. So we can't simply blame intermittent interference.

Is there a known hardware or firmware issue that may cause this type of behaviour?


Hi Kyle,

Is the network in a cold area? Are you having issues at both the AP and the SMs?



I have a force 110 that worked well, RSSI -77 , SNR 21, but since Monday began to disconnect constantly, up and down, firmware 2.5, the team has a month to be installed at the client side, if it's a hardware problem , can I apply to the guarantee of a year of epmp1000?


You should open a ticket with Cambium Support ( to diagnose the issue as it could be also software-related. If it is a hardware-related issue and under warranty, Cambium Support should be able to help you issuing a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to get it replaced.