Link Drop Due To Using Encryption


Is anyone running 8.1.5 on a P10 with DES encryption enabled and finding their BH link dropping every 24hr?

I have this problem on 8.1.4, which to be fair is mentioned in the manual. My supplier told me to test on 8.1.5 but wondered if someone else has already been through this.

All releases to date, including 8.1.5, change the key every 24 hours on BHs with encryption. This takes a momentary drop and re-registration. The only way around it is to disable encryption. One small tip - consider some night in the wee hours going in and rebooting one end of the link. The key change will then take place every 24 hours thereafter, also in the wee hours.

Thanks johnh, that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Another small tip - if you set the BHS to only scan the frequency that the BHM is on, you can speed up re-registration somewhat and minimize downtime.