Link Information, RF traffic...

Hi !!! Could you help me !!!

I am monitoring AP’s, SM’s, CMM’s and Backhuld with PRIZM 2.0, but I have some problems, becuase I don’t see the values of graphs.

When I select NETWORK > BROWSE NETWORK > MY NETWORK, and it appear 3 bottons COLUMNS, SHOW DETAILS and BROWSE. I select SHOW DETAILS and I can see sheets (General, Link Information, RF traffic, Ethernet Traffic, Events, Alarms…) and in this part begin my problem, because in Link Information, RF traffic, Ethernet Traffic I don’t see values in the graphs all time, only can see values in certain time.

For example:

I begun to monitor a Subscribe Module at 11:20 hours, but in Link
Information I do not see values in graphs after 11:25 hours.

If I access to View Data, Prizm open a window “Tabular Data”, in this table some times appears “No Data”. What can I do for always see a values in the graphs ??


Verify if the SM is still up at that time. The values become blank (No Data) if the device is not responding.