Link Issue- SM cannot see the AP when scanning

Hello everyone, I have a AP on my tower and the other link is ok. However the other pair of cambium which is Force 425 have an issue. The SM cannot see the AP when freq scanning is done but it can see the other radios AP which is the F300. Thank you!


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Dear Sir,
I have the same issue. I replaced the AP that had issue with new one. The link issue was resolved. Force 425 can work in ePTP mode. However, I have another issue at site which is unbalanced chain 1 and chain 2. We are trying to investigate the issue and try to adjust panel of antenna.

Thank you & Best regards,

Hi @Mark_Lindrey_A_Deatr,

on which FW are you experiencing this? Is the line of sigh clear? Does it happen on all frequencies?
I strongly suggest to raise a support ticket! “Submit a request” in the right top:
Our engineer will help you to sort it.