Link Name Access avoids an additional truck roll

PTP 600/650/700 provide two methods to configure an ODU to connect to a particular ODU at the opposite end of a PTP link. You can select the appropriate method using the Access Method attribute in the Wireless Configuration page of the Installation Wizard.

The default method is Link Access, and here you need to specify the Target MAC Address of the remote unit. Of course, you need to the same sort of thing at the remote end using the address of the ODU at the near end. The web-based interface looks like this:

Link Access.png

This approach is all very well, except for the unfortunate case where one ODU fails. Even when you've replaced and configured the faulty ODU, you still need to visit the other end of the link to change the Target MAC Address to match the new unit. If the link is long, or the remote unit is inaccessible then you have a serious problem.

To avoid this situation select Access Method = Link Name Access like this:

Link Name Access.png

In this case, you need to provide exactly the same Link Name at both ends of the link. Now, when you replace a unit, you simply need to configure the same Link Name in the replacement unit.

Link Name Access can help you avoid an unwanted truck roll to a distant site to reconfigure a perfectly serviceable unit.