Link negotiating speeds

Some times I get problems on the ethernet link comunication and I manage to solve the problem by reducing the Link neg. speed from 100 to 10.
example: I have installed this morning one slave BH conected to a CMMmicro and LNS on 100. This evening I go on my mrtg monitoring sytem and I see the link down from after this BH; I can access it (from the radio side) but not the following CMM. Nevertheless the ethernet interface on the Status window tells me that a 100 base link is active !!!
So I change the LNS to 10, reboot and then the link start to work again.

I had similar problem on some SM , but there I thought that the issue was related to the customer interface (switch PC ecc…)

Does somebody have an explenation for this ? can it be problem of the cable ?

cable can always be a problem… but LNS is always one to look out for,
although, I haven’t seen many problems with the CMM and AP/BH.

In your case, I am sure if you had rebooted without changing the LNS the link would have come back.

see if the problem occurs on 10.