Link over sea for Canopy AP-SM 2400

We need to put into operation a link which has to be over sea waters for around 18 kms using AP-Sm for a 24 km link( with both end reflectors put if required) .What precaution should I take to avoid/prevent Reflection/Multipathing from taking place & preventing stable link.

The Tower heights will allow clearance of 1 fresnel.

Don’t do this in 2.4ghz!
If the SM can “see” the water you will have big troubles.
I have had this situation in the past. about 10 clients were all connected in 2.4 over 8 9 11 and 12 miles and all had problems. Lots of rereg. One client was good because there was a montain that was hiding the water. The worst is on a clear day when there is no wind and the water looks like a mirror all these clients were down. That is my experience. I’ve heard 5.7 will not cause these problems, but Ive not tried.

What is the meaning of "SM can see water " ?

When u say SM, does that mean that even AP sees water and create same type of problems…?

Also If we put reflector at both the end & narrow down the angle of lobe still this SM can see the Water…?

If We hide the SM behind an obstacle e.g. bldg / mountain , will that not result in obstruction in LOS & further top from link getting established…?

I mean how much should be the height of obstruction?