Link PLanner 4.6.0 and PTP 45600 Retirement

I see in the notes that Link Planner 4.60 changes includes the  retirement of PTP Model 45600. If I install 4.6.0, will I still be able to select 45600 from the pull down menus in Link Planner and build the appropriate BOM? I still have new 45600's to deploy and will need them to be valid selections in Link Planner for the forseeable future.


When we retire a product in LINKPlanner we don't remove it, but we mark it as retired to indicate to users that it is no longer available to order.

Existing projects will continue to work as normal and retired products can still be selected to plan new links or change configuration of exsiting links with the full functionality of previous released. The BOM will continue to be created, but some parts will be marked as obsolete and can no longer be purchased.