Link Planner and PMP 450i 900MHZ

The link planner only shows  90 degree s on the  project view. Even though the aps of 450i 900 is selected and it says the correct cambium antenna in 60 degree sector, The view only allows it to show as a 90 degree sector. I am using version 4.3.5 of the link planner. 


Please take a look at our LINKPlanner Knowledge Base article, which describes how to change the AP sector size, Can I limit the AP sector on the map to the antenna beamwidth?

I hope that this resolves your issue.



This even more fun with the 3.65 GHz sector for the AP's.  The antenna has a label that says 65°, the documentation/marketing says 90°, LINKPlanner brings it up as 120°.  haha  Now idea which is actually correct.

So, the 3.65 GHz sector that we sell (Part number C030045D901A) is a 65 degree (3dB rolloff) antenna.

It's intended for use as a 90 degree sector, but can also be used in a 6 sector (60 degree) deployment.  This is by design.

If LINKPlanner is pulling this up as a 120 degree, we might have a problem there... 

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The Antenna Beamwidth in the table shows 90°, but the pattern overlaid on the map is 120°.