Link Planner and ptp820

Hi, I tryed a ptp820s link on link planner, and only get the option to use 40Mhz channel? Another question, on a link with base capacity(100Mbps) What channel bandwith do I need to achive the 100Mbps?

Hi Juan,

The bandwidths available depend on the frequency band and regulation selected. At 11 GHz with the ETSI regulation, the 40 MHz bandwidth is the only one supported by the regulation. Other bandwidth options are available for different regulations and bandwidths.

The 100 Mbps base capacity for a PTP 820S is currently used in the 28 or 30 MHz bandwidths up to 32 QAM, at 40 or 50 MHz up to 8 PSK, or at 56 to 80 MHz at QPSK. In a future release for PTP 820S and also for PTP 820G it is used for 7 MHz (all modulation modes) and 14 MHz up to 512 QAM.



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maybe this table help.


yes, did help.

need to use another frec. I am looking for 100Mbps link that uses 7 o 14Mhz channel

distances: 2,6, and 7 Km

we need to wait until Q1 2015 for spectrum ouctions

if you are using PTP820G, you will need 100Mbs only.

if you are using PTP820S or PTP820C:

@ 7MHz, 100Mbps  key covers all modulation

@14MHz, 100Mbps key ocvers  QPSK to 512 QAM. You will need 500M key to enabled 1024 QAM. 

A new release on PTP LINKPLanner just issued with follow changes of PTP820:

Additional PTP 820 functionality
o PTP 820C

  • Support for greater than 1 Gbps throughput on 2+0 link types
  • Preliminary support for 26 and 38 GHz ETSI and 38 GHz FCC & Canada
  • Increased 7 MHz bandwidth to 1024 QAM (Profile 9)
  • Increased 14 MHz bandwidth to 2048 QAM (Profile 10)

o PTP 820G

  • 11 GHz ETSI

o PTP 820S

  • 2+0 Co-Polar and 2+0 Cross-Polar capability
  • 7 (to 1024 QAM (Profile 9) and 14 MHz (to 2048 QAM Profile 10) bandwidth options
  • Preliminary support for 15 GHz ETSI

o PTP 820C and PTP 820S

  • 80 MHz bandwidth at 11 GHz ETSI
  • 1m Protection Cable added to BOM for 1+1 link types

o PTP 820C and PTP 820G

  • 56 MHz bandwidth at 13 GHz ETSI

o PTP 820C, PTP 820G and PTP 820S

  • Removed antenna availability warning for 6 ft Global antennas

A few change like to highlight on PTP820 link planning, mainly for FCC market:
1. Customer can choose either narrow band radio or wider band radio for 80MHz on 11 and 18 GHz
2. After customer choose the Tx/Rx, the LINKPlanner will provide preferred sub-band, if it is a high runner sub-band Cambium stock, in BOM list you will see a note say “stock item, short lead time”.


I would like to make a PTP820C with a maximum capacity. Link is short between 300 – 500 m so I decided to go with 23GHz frequency and 1' or 2' antenna. Hope this configurations is OK? Maybe suggestion for antenna would be appreciated, should I go with 1' or 2' antenna?

To get maximum from PTP820C I choose 2+0 XPIC configuration and Multiple Ethernet with LAG. You can see configuration setup in the attached picture.

I am attaching the BOM that is my concern because there are three items that confuses me and I would like to clarify them. By default in BOM we have:


PTP 820 SFP Optical 1000Base-LX,EXT TEMP

Can I use SFP with Ethernet for a second port? So I would have two Ethernet cables from ODU to a switch.


SFP Electric Int 1000Base-T,EXT TEMP

And also by default in BOM we have:




PTP 820 RFU-C 23GHz OMT Interface-Andrew

So my question is should I go with OMT or with splitter? In case of using splitter are only these two below items required or there are more additional items to be included?





I read or saw somewhere that in case of 1+0 or 2+0 SP XPIC we need to go with a splitter and in case of 1+0 or 2+0 DP or Cross-Polar we need to go with OMT. Please can you clarify this and review the BOM in case if something is missing?

One more think, in this case I have two Ethernet cables coming from ODU one is terminating on PoE port on injector and where should the second one be terminated? Is it going directly to a port on a switch?

I am supposing that we need a switch and two ports included in LAG within the switch? So one cable from injector would come to a first port and second one from ODU to a second port on switch? In attachment please find picture that explains above writing.

Please correct me if something isn’t right and cabling should be in a different way.



For 2+0 XPIC, you need OMT Kit, NOT Splitter.

I am not quite clear about your cabling picture. But if you are using Cisco switch with PTP820C for LAG, you need to use "SFP Electric", because Cisco only allow for same media  ports in a LAG, you can not have both Copper (PoE port is Copper) and Fiber ports  in the same LAG.

Hope this help.

What about for 2+0 Co-Polar (820C, 18GHz,Max Bandwidth) ? Is there a special mount that is needed that may not be included in the BOM? If so, can you specify? I've attatched a screenshot of the BOM

LINKPlanner populates the BOM depending upon what you choose.

If you choose cross-polar or XPIC, LINKPlanner puts in an OMT.

If you choose co-polar, LINKPlanner puts in a splitter.

Notice that the splitters RF losses are higher than the OMT's RF losses.

Does this help?