Link PTP full license, but the speed of transmission operation is unstable !

Please help me check optimize my configuration files  ? I need speed 150 - 200Mbps.

about 9km. I send everybody : file capture diagnostic, link planner project, file config device, image Spectrum.

It looks like you might consider aligning your antennas.

The received signal level is about -68 dBm, whereas LINKPlanner is estimating that it should be around -58 dBm.

You'll also need to decide whether you want to use a 30 or a 40 MHz channel. (LINKPlanner was set to 40 MHz, and the link appears to be using 30 MHz.)

I hope this helps!



Thanks for sharing the data on your link. That really helps us to investigate what's happening.

Path Loss

The LINKPlanner project predicts Total Path Loss = 131 dB, for a link that is mostly line of sight but with two obstructions marginally in the Fresnel zone. The ODUs are reporting a stable Link Loss = 139 dB. Is it possible that one or both ends is not quite correctly aligned?


Google Earth shows that the obstruction nearest the TAN VU PORT end of the link is a tower of some sort. Can you tell us a bit more about this tower? Is it some sort of radio trasmitter?


Looking at the Spectrum Expert plots, we see that bot ends of the link are receiving pulsed interference between 5600 MHz and 5630 MHz, particularly at 5625 MHz.

The ODU at TAN VU PORT is affected more than the other ODU. In fact, the peak interference level has saturated the Spectrum expert display at -40 dBm, so we don't know exactly how big it really is.

The Diagnostic Plotter for the TAN VU PORT end shows generally good vector error but with regular dips every 2 minutes or so. This is characteristic of a weather radar that scans in elevation and azimuth. Is there a 5.6 GHz radar at the nearby airport?

The Diagnostic Plotter for the 8A TRAN PHU end of the link shows a different pattern of vector error, suggesting a different interference source.

Data rate

The fluctuation in the data rate is caused by changes in modulation mode, and this is linked to vector error. Almost certainly, the degradation in vector error is caused by some sort of radio interference.

Next steps

Please use the waterfall feature in the Spectrum Expert to collect measurements of the interference to both ends of this link and post the screenshots in your dropbox. Unfortunately, this data is not available in the diagnostics file, so we rely on your screenshot for this.