Link registered but cannot ping

Hi, my customer has a link up for around 3 months now using 10Mbps BH. Everything is working fine and until yesterday it went down. We try to reboot it and now we can’t ping to the other side via wireless although the status is Registered. No traffic can pass through successfully also. Both the frequency and color coding are the same. The firmware is 7.2.9.

Just wanna know anyone have encounter this problem before?

I haver seen a similar problem although with an SM. Try resetting both radios to factory defaults. it might cure the problem.

What does a link test show you?

Are you trying to ping the remote equipment or the remote Canopy?

We had similar problems once, it was interference.

We try to ping the remote Canopy on both sides but we get nothing. However, what we see on the local BH are the “Registered” status. I’ll go ahead and restore the BH to factory default and try to do a link test. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Can you access the slave via LUID, from the master?