link stopped passing data

A new fresh install of ptp58600 on 2ft dishes stopped passing data today - second day in use. The link is 15.2 miles and lines up at -59 in alignment mode. Settles in at 16QAM .87 Dual 30MHz. Restricted due to byte errors on wireless link. The link is running ver 10-00 software and the link was shown to be up in the master status screen. I could not access anything past the slave, the slave directly, or the slave using the link on the master unit’s status page to the slave. Rebooting the master solved the problem. Ideas?

Same thing just happened again. Lucky thing we left the old link in place to fall back on. This time I was able to get from the slave back into the master once I switch to the backup link and have now move to 15 MHz bandwidth to see what changes that might make to the link.
That made the link at 15 MHz become 64QAM .75 Dual limited by wireless conditions. It looks like I am seeing some ethernet errors on the Master end RX. Time to revisit the site.

“Restricted due to Byte Errors” is normally a sign of interference - Check the spectrum analyser and you should be able to see channels with high levels of interference.

Selecting a smaller channel size may improve the overall performance because the radio will have more channels available, and each channel will be recieving less interference. It looks like you currently have 15MHz selected.

“Limited by wireless conditions” is more to do with the physical conditions of the link - If your link is long then this will be seen and is normal. You will also see this if the link is non line of site, or there are obstructions in the link. To improve this then look at the antenna allignment, height and size.

How is your Link performance compared to your LINKPlanner prediction?

If you would like our support teams to have a look at your diagnostic and LINKPlanner files and suggest some next steps then please call our technical support team. Contact numbers can be found here


Move the ethernet to a 10/100 port instead of 1GB port and the ethernet port runs without errors now.
Now I have a new problem today with the same link=
The link is up and running and has been for 8 days now since the move to the 10/100 ethernet port on the switch without errors. Software is 58600-10-00. Hardware is D05-R02-C-FPS. Data stopped moving across the link and the radios show a 152.49 Mbps link between them. I cannot even access the other end of the radio link via the remote IP address link on the status page from either end. I rebooted both ends of the link and still have no communication across the link but the wireless link is up, tx power at 20 dbm, rx at -64.5 dbm, and range 15.2 miles. It looks like it should be working. The other ptp600 links I have would look exactly the same and pass terrific data as did this one up until this afternoon. I have contacted tech support and am awaiting a go to meeting email to give them access. Ideas?

I wonder if some OEM making ethernet PHYs is having issues as of late. Some of our new CPEs from a totally different manufacturer (SkyPilot, probably made by Ubiquiti or something) are showing problems auto-negotiating. Tech’s laptop connects at 1 Gbps, but the port on the radio is only actually 100 Mbps. Radio shows that it negotiated 100 Mbps full. Setting the laptop down to, say, 10/Half and the radio still thinks it’s 100/Full. Won’t pass data until the radio side is set (any speed, including 100/Full).

Replaced the Master radio and all is stable so far.

We had the same issue no traffice over the link. The thing is we have a redundant network with STP controlling things and it caused a massive loop on the network. We rebooted one side of the link and traffic started to pass again. This has happened twice so far. We currently have the switch port disabled.