LinkPlanner Disappointment

While we have used link planner with relative success for PTP links in the past, we have only recently decided to flesh out our network using the PMP functionality integrated in the link planner in order to help us better visualize our geographic layout and in coordinating spectrum use.  I am using version 4.6.3 (most recent release).

I have to admit I am quite disappointed by the limited PMP access point equipment and antenna selections (no options for older FSK or 430 equipment, no 360 degree omnidirectional antennas?!).  Additionally, what we were most excited about was having the Link Planner track the frequencies in use by each AP which would could then quickly pull up and reference in the overhead map, but sadly this use case was apparently never considered, which seems odd to me. 

While it's true that we can specify if the AP is a certain band (i.e. 5.8, 5.2, etc) you cannot specific a deployed frequency, for example 5750MHz on this AP versus 5780MHz on that one.

I perused the other tools available on the support site and didn't see anything which might deliver this granularity - is there a utility I overlooked, or can I make a request to include these options in future releases?



Thank you for using LINKPlanner and thank you for your input!

Did you try the “Channel Plans” utility under “Project Configuration”?

Use the Channel Plans to define a group of channels to be used within a PMP network. Allocate colours to each channel to show a visualization of the frequency plan in the Offline Map. This is a quick and easy way to spot potential issues.

If you create a Channel Plan, you’ll be able to select individual frequencies for an Access Point.

Please try this out and let us know what other features we’re missing!

(We understand that this may not provide everything you’re looking for. Your feedback helps us prioritize our development efforts.)

Thank you again for your input!


Hey Dave,

That should do the trick for the frequencies which is the bulk of my concern - thanks for the tip and your quick response!


Hi Jacob,

Just to add to what Dave had posted, take a look at if you want more information on channel plans.

We do support omni antennas for certain bands, but because we require a full 3D antenna pattern we are restricted in what we can offer for now. The 3D pattern allows us to provide more accurate predictions.

We have no plans to support retired products although we will continue to support all current products in the future, as we do for PTP.



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Hi Guys,

Could you by any chance add the Rf Element horns ??? I know this is not a Cambium product but would be great to have the option available.

Unitil Cambium offers a Horn Type antennathis would be great.