Linkplanner Memory Error

Good day,

Please see below memory errors we are getting when trying to save:

Please describe what you were doing when this error occurred:

Saving the project

Error details
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2738, in OnSaveProject
  File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2709, in _save_project
  File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2665, in do_save
  File "link_planner\model\generic.pyc", line 3318, in save
  File "link_planner\model\serialise\serialise.pyc", line 569, in save_project
  File "link_planner\model\serialise\format_v2.pyc", line 1331, in save_project
  File "link_planner\model\serialise\format_v2.pyc", line 1417, in serialise_project
  File "genshi\core.pyc", line 184, in render
  File "genshi\output.pyc", line 58, in encode
  File "genshi\output.pyc", line 263, in __call__
  File "genshi\output.pyc", line 95, in _emit


LinkPlanner Build : 4.8.1 066e96bc8baece140b6bf28069198a1a5f31f256

I spoke to Andrew Haywood and he explained that it's a software issue.

The file comprimes of:

126 hubs

414 access points

1351 PMP links

224 PTP links

I have purged the project plenty of times, unfotunately I cannot split the project as it is mainly one region.

There are minimal complex links, all are running Force200/ePMP1000/PTP650 not too long range links

Is there anything else I can do to try and avoid this situation as it is highly frustrating.

Any ETA on a fix as this is my primary planning tool? 

Kind Regards

Hi Jaco,

Unfortunately the only work-around available at the moment is to split your network into multiple files. We are investigating a number of ideas to try to improve things, but we won't have a fix available for some time.



Has there been any progress made on this?  

This issue should be fixed in version 5+ of LINKPlanner, provided you have sufficient memory. Version 4.x.x was limited in the amount of memory it could use on account of being 32-bit software.