LINKPlanner PMP Link Planning webinar

The  Cambium LINKPlanner: Now Available for PMP Link Planning webinar replay is now available HERE.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them in this thread.

  • Are you ever going to incorporate a ground clutter database to make the nLoS ptMP useful?

We currently don’t have any intention to include a ground clutter database in the current format of the LINKPlanner tool, this feature would be better served from an area coverage version, which we are considering.

  • Although the Link PLanner User Guide states that antenna down-tilt should be a negative value, I suspect that many people will neglect to realize this fact. Would it be possible to note it on the input screen? I have entered several links and always go back to the guide to be sure that down-tilt should be entered as a negative value.

We will improve the hover help on this feature, so that it is clearer that downtilt should be negative.

  • Why is it that sometimes, when in Streetview in Google Earth, I can see the link and sometimes it does not show up?

This is something that is out of our control unfortunately. I believe that it is related to the way that Google Earth renders the street view overlay on the scene. This restricts the depth of the scene. You may also notice that links appear to jump around slightly as you zoom in and out in Google Earth, this is related to the way that the terrain is modelled with the appropriate precision for the zoom level. This is particularly noticeable for NLOS links.

  • How we do a PTP using Force 110?

To plan a PTP Link using Force 110, first select the product as ePMP 1000 and then in the configuration at each end, select the Force 110 Antenna kit option from the drop down antenna list. Note that two different options are available depending on whether the Gb Ethernet Port option is enabled.

  • In the particular case where the SM are in the borderline , Could we use two narrow beam antennas with a hybrid coupler to reach 1 SM on one border and the other two with the other antenna . Does the system consider that possibility ?

LINKPlanner cannot support this configuration. We would need to add the narrow beam antennas as new AP antenna options, which would require 3D antenna patterns for the antennas. At present LINKPlanner only supports the Cambium AP antenna options.

  • How can you change the direction of your antenna pattern in Linkplanner?

On the Access Point in the Antenna configuration section, you can set the Antenna Azimuth, this value represents the direction of the peak of beam and is a value from 0 to 359°, where 0° = North, 90° = East, etc. The coverage of the antenna is then shown by the segment shown in the map views.

  • How can I add an OEM external antenna in the Antenna Selection?

At present it is not possible to add an OEM external antenna at the AP, as a 3D pattern is required to predict the performance.

To add an OEM external antenna to the SM, either select the Subscriber Module Antenna option from the Project Configuration section of the Navigation Tree:

SM Antenna screenshot.png

and then select New Antenna and complete the form or from the Subscriber Module Equipment pane, under the Antenna Selection drop down menu, select “Other” at the top of the list and this will also provide the form for completion.

  • Can you set/change the colour for the coverage area for each AP

The colour for all AP sectors can be controlled through the “Graphics” page in the user preferences. The colour for an individual sector cannot be changed in the current version, but it is on our list of future enhancements, where it is likely to be tied to channel selection to aid in viewing the frequency plan.

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