LINKPlanner & PTP100

How come when they designed this they didn’t include the ability to plan PTP100 links?

Doesn’t it seem like that would be easy and make sense?

I agree it would be nice to do profiles and analysis for the 100 series but I think they deliberately left it out so as to help push you to into a higher series backhaul radio system.

For 100 series and other applications I use Radiomobile and a few other tools.

I like the ability to import your links into Google Earth so it would be nice to have an accurate map of my OFDMs in addition to my PTP100s. Oh well, I’ll just lie for the PTP100s and include those in the import.

You can export paths in Radiomobile…

I’m not as familiar with doing PTP links in Radio Mobile. I’m not sure how to get the antenna pattern and parameters correct for the dishes.

Its not so hard, antena paterns doesnt have to be exact, just use the power levels and receive sensitivity. use onmi antena for aps and directional antena for sm or dish.

the reason link planner doesnt have ptp100 its because the distance doesnt matter to ptp100. You will get 95-100% of the capacity(7 or14mbps) 1km or 40km appart.
I have 46km link with 5400BH20 and having 12.5mbps agregate

The ptp do lower the capacity depending on distance, antennas, terrain, interference, etc