LinkPlanner - Recommended Performance Summary Numbers for the USA/FCC Region?

Is there any recommended ranges for connection performance within LinkPlanner? I have been using it, and I have noticed that the Min IP Availability is red (With all default settings) and the Lower Mode Availablility at 99.05% and lower. Is there a specific range which you should be providing for any given PTP and PMP solution such 99.5% or better, or does the application being supported also factor into this with the Mean IP and Min IP requirements?

I think min/max availability is to give you an idea... a baseline if you will, to then factor into your region's rain fall and your application requirements. Just know that if you're in a rainy region that the higher up the band you go, the less 9's of reliablity you'll be able to accomplish... so you might have to over-engineer a link, or add redundancy.