LinkPlanner Slow Performance After Site Paste

Has anyone else encountered a problem where LinkPlanner becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time (+ 20 min) following a network site paste?  The software pegs out the CPU but eventually resolves.  The ptpprj file also swells during this time to 30+ MB with memory usage over 1 GB.  Only 20 - 25 sites in this file.  I have been able to replicate this across multiple systems - All i7 / 8 GB or more / Win7Pro 64 Bit.  Anyone else?  

Thanks in advance!

Hi Donald,

I've emailed you off-list to request the file that you are trying to import. I wouldn't expect to see any issues when importing 20-25 sites. 

When I have just imported 125 sites the CPU didin't get above 0.4% for LINKPlanner and the memory increased by 7 MB. (LINKPlanner 4.3.4 / i7 / 16 GB RAM / Windows 8 64 bit.)

I would expect you to see a slow-down when importing several thousand sites, but anything less than a hundred should be virtually instant.

If you send me your data then I can investigate further.



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