LINKPlanner Usage

I ran the information from our Vendor’s Proposal for our System through your LINKPlanner and have some questions.

I couldn’t find the actual devices they list in the Proposal in the various drop downs. I’m assuming that’s due to LINKPlanner being for PTP rather than PMP systems but was hoping to come close.

They are proposing PMP400 AP’s and SM’s so I plugged in the 49400 units. I couldn’t find the integrated antenna in the drop-down for the AP as the PMP400 doesn’t describe it very well.

I tried to sort of simulate the above and the links aren’t very good now.

Any thoughts or is that about as much as LINKPlanner can do for me?

Secondly, does your Link Profiler process take into account Land Use Clutter, like high-rises, office towers and such? I’m concerned about several of our downtown Links that seem to show as great yet their SM’s are tucked in among tall glass and concrete office towers.

Yes indeed, after much research, I found I was trying to get LINKPlanner to do what BroadbandPlanner, a module of the expensive One Point Wireless package, does. LINKPlanner is free. BroadBandPlanner is not. Just wanted to see if what we were sold won’t come with a few surprises.