LINKPlanner v3.5.0 Release

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from … inkplanner

[u:ipec3ih3]Changes in version 3.5.0[/u:ipec3ih3]

New or changed features

  • Introduction of web path profile service

    • Profiles entered straight into LINKPlanner project - no more emails
    • Option to automatically request profiles when a new link is created

  • Display the appropriate Cambium contact information for links and projects

  • Introduction of PTP 810 1+1 Frequency Diversity

    • Not allowed in FCC regions

  • Support for different MMU Modems for PTP 810 at each end of link

  • Support for Brazil regulation at 18 GHz for PTP 810

  • Support for APC for 2+0 XPIC (allows 2+0 XPIC to be used at 18 GHz in ETSI region)

  • Introduction of licensed band Hi/Lo site nomination - with default ODU part numbers put into BOM

    • This feature restricts frequency selection at an end to be compliant with site designation

  • Enhanced Equipment Templates to include Performance Summary parameters

  • Modified setting of Prediction Model to make it project based and not user based

    • Check model setting when first opening existing projects after upgrading
    • Prediction Model setting is stored in project templates

  • Removed preliminary status from PTP 250 countries

    • Add Switzerland and Liechtenstein to 5.4 GHz band

  • Add ability to create a ring of links on the offline map view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed screen refresh problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7 when using the Classic Theme

  • Rounding down of PTP 810 GigE capacity figures for values below 100 Mbps

  • Limited Diversity Improvement Factor to 200 in calculations as well as reports

  • Removed 7 GHz FCC 25 MHz IRFU 2+0 XPIC option

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