LINKPlanner v4.2.3 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of this release are:

  • Support for ePMP Enhanced PTP Mode
  • Support for High Capacity (> 1 Gbps throughput) on PTP 820C 2+0 link types
  • Support for 2+0 on PTP 820S
  • Additional frequency bands and bandwidths across the PTP 820 range
  • Improved PMP reports with new Installation reports at the AP and Hub levels

There are also a number of additional minor enhancements and bug fixes, please see the Release Notes for full details, available from the link shown above.

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Here is the full list of what's New or Changed in version 4.2.3

Support ePMP System Release 2.4

  • Add Enhanced PTP Mode
  • Add Maximum Mod Mode configuration for AP and SM

Additional PTP 820 functionality

  • PTP 820C

- Support for greater than 1 Gbps throughput on 2+0 link types

- Preliminary support for 26 and 38 GHz ETSI and 38 GHz FCC & Canada

- Increased 7 MHz bandwidth to 1024 QAM (Profile 9)

- Increased 14 MHz bandwidth to 2048 QAM (Profile 10)

  • PTP 820G

- 11 GHz ETSI

  • PTP 820S

- 2+0 Co-Polar and 2+0 Cross-Polar capability
- 7 (to 1024 QAM (Profile 9) and 14 MHz (to 2048 QAM Profile 10) bandwidth options
- Preliminary support for 15 GHz ETSI

  • PTP 820C and PTP 820S

- 80 MHz bandwidth at 11 GHz ETSI
- 1m Protection Cable added to BOM for 1+1 link types

  • PTP 820C and PTP 820G

- 56 MHz bandwidth at 13 GHz ETSI

  • PTP 820C, PTP 820G and PTP 820S

- Removed antenna availability warning for 6 ft Global antennas
- Improved PMP Reports with new Installation reports at AP and Hub level
- Added sample external SM antenna options for PMP 450 to each frequency band.

Bug Fixes in version 4.2.3

  • Corrected display of PTP Link Custom Field in the PTP Links view
  • Corrected issue when starting LINKPlanner without contact to the path profile¬†server
  • Corrected problem with applying Equipment templates which contain configured¬†frequencies
  • Updated country lists to correctly include 4.9 GHz for non-US FCC countries
  • Corrected refresh issue in the BOM when changing PTP 800 capacity keys
  • Apply the display style correctly when the project contains multiple formatting¬†rules