LINKPlanner V4.2.6 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of this release are:

New or changed features

  • Add support for PMP 450d Subscriber Module at 5 GHz. When planning a PMP 450 network at 5 GHz there is now an option to change the product for the SM between PMP 450, where there are the usual antenna options and PMP 450d, which only supports the High Gain Integrated antenna.
  • Added ability to define PMP channel plans, allocate channels to APs and color code the sectors in the Offline Map – for further information, see the Knowledge Base article,

  • Improve the reflection editor for licensed band – the reflection editor window is now slightly different for unlicensed and licensed band links, to reflect the fact that diversity is required at both ends of a licensed band link, rather than one end of an unlicensed band link. The section on Diversity for Reflections has also been updated in the User Guide, refer to this for further details.
  • Add Proposal reports at PMP Network, Hub and AP levels
  • Add additional notification to PTP 650 5.1 GHz FCC for Parabolic antennas. Users will be reminded about the United States (Parabolic) regulation if an external parabolic antenna is selected for PTP 650 in the 5.1 GHz band.
  • Add capability to automatically create required custom fields for FCC 3.65 GHz Device Registration, this saves having to manually create the fields required for the PTP 450/PMP 450 FCC Device Registration Export file.
  • Add the capability to save antenna pattern files stored in LINKPlanner. The file format is NSMA and is readable by any text editor. Not all antennas used in LINKPlanner currently have a pattern stored within LINKPlanner, so in this release it is only licensed band antennas that have patterns. Other antenna patterns will be added in later releases.
  • Add confirmation setting when converting linked sites, this provides a warning that if a site is converted from a Network Site to Subscriber Site (or vice-versa) when it is already being used, any existing links will be deleted.
  • Added 3, 4 and 6ft Radiowaves antennas at 6 GHz for PTP 820 in NA and CALA.
  • Added bearing from boresight and indication of direction of tilt for Subscriber Modules – on the AP page to add downtilt the antenna tilt should be entered as a negative value, this reminder is shown in the hover help. For the SM the bearing from the AP boresight and the direction of the tilt are shown as read only information in the antenna configuration section. The direction of the tilt is also now included in the installation reports for both PMP and PTP links.

Bug Fixes

  • Add 5 and 10 MHz to Ecuador for ePMP at 5.1 GHz, these were missed for this regulatory band when ePMP introduced the 5 and 10 MHz bandwidths.
  • Corrected missing MC-ABC option for PTP 820C Narrow at 80 MHz. The MC-ABC functionality is supported by the radio scripts used for the 80 MHz bandwidth on the narrow radios, but not by the radio scripts used for the 80 MHz bandwidth on the wide radios.
  • Corrected error on PTP 820C 38 GHz links when adding external interference
  • Fixed error in embedded Google Maps when using the select pointer
  • Added handling of read errors when requesting path profiles
  • Disabled write caching when saving project files (e.g. to prevent errors when saving to USB drives).