LINKPlanner V4.3.0 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of this release are:

New or changed features

  • Added support for PMP/PTP 450i at 4.9, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz
  • Added support for PTP 700 including 4.5 GHz band
  • Added the Worst Earth Curvature, Ke and Excess Path Loss at Ke to the Climatic Factors section of the Proposal Report
  • Added Malaysia to PMP 450 at 5.8 GHz

Bug Fixes

  • Removed FCC antenna warning from PTP 250, 300, 500 and 600 products
  • Limited PTP 820 14 MHz bandwidth to Profile 9 (removed 2048 QAM mode)
  • Moved PTP 820 Outdoor Fiber Distribution Closure Splitter to Optional Extras from 1+1 
  • Prevent the "Access is Denied" error when saving a project file on Windows
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