LINKPlanner V4.3.1 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

Anyone planning PTP 820 links is advised to upgrade to this release as it corrects issues with mediation devices in the previous releases. These corrections affect the equipment losses in some configurations and bands and may result in changes in the fade margin, which affects predicted throughput and availability. It also ensures that the BOM includes all the mediation devices required.

The key features of this release are:

New or changed features

  • Change the power supply for PTP 820S. It now uses the same power supply and surge suppressor as PTP 650. The original power supply is available through optional extras.
  • Add PMP/PTP 450i to the configuration file export.

Bug Fixes

  •  Correct issues with the PTP 820 coupler losses.
  •  Fix quantities and parts for PTP 820 mediation devices in the BOM.
  •  Fix issues when editing the product or license across multiple links in different bands.
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Can not select force110 antennas in 4.3.1

Hi Mike,

The Force 110 antenna is still available in V4.3.1, as shown below, although it is not available in all frequency bands. Can you please provide further information on the frequency band and whether you are using PMP or PTP mode?

You can also reply direct to

Force 110 antenna selection.PNG