LINKPlanner v4.3.11 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.3.11 are:

New or changed features

  • PTP 820
    • Added PTP 820i with RFU-A at Lower 6, Upper 6, 7 and 11 GHz for FCC and Canada.
      • This is an All Indoor version of PTP 820 and works in a similar manner to the IRFU for PTP 800i or PTP 810i
    • PTP 820G added "narrow" 80 MHz bandwidth.
    • Added 10 GHz frequency band for ETSI.
    • Added 18 GHz frequency band for Brazil.
    • Updated APAC and EMEA antennas.
      • There are new antenna patterns for all the APAC and EMEA antennas and the gains have changed slightly, mostly this improves the performance by a small amount
    • Updated PTP 820G to use the new script files for the wider 28/30 MHz when in ETSI 1+0, 1+1, 2+0 Cross-Polar or 2+0 XPIC modes.
      • This improves the throughput available in these modes
    • Added 56 MHz to PTP 820S at ETSI 7 GHz with 154 MHz T/R spacing for 1+0 and 1+1 link types.
  • PTP 650 01-42
    • Updated FCC DFS regulations and 5.4 GHz FCC regulatory band.
      • This increases the receive threshold for wide bandwidths
  • cnPilot
    • Added E500 to BOM Estimator.
  • General
    • Added click-through image to start-up page to link to Cambium product information videos.

Note: this functionality is not yet available in the Mac version

    • Modified PMP Max range to 1 decimal place resolution allowing greater resolution of cell sizes for map display and to control SM selection. This function now also allows cell sizes to be defined in kilometres for the PMP 450 family.

On the AP the Max Range function has changed to SM Range. Below the SM Range the Max Range is shown in the units that can be entered into the product. Please note that the product will still use integer values and will not prevent SMs attaching which are between the SM Range and the Max Range values.


Note: Once a project has been stored in V4.3.11, if it is opened in an earlier version the max range will revert to the default of 2 miles

    • Improved navigation tree updates to speed up refreshing with larger projects.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent errors when re-creating links that have been deleted.
  • Fixed issue on antenna heights when importing links csv file with multiple links from the same site.
  • Updated the PMP 450 High Gain Integrated Antenna Model Number in the 3.65 GHz FCC Device Registration Export.
  • Fixed error when setting 0.9 GHz channel plan.
  • Fixed error in ePMP SM Performance Details when restricting Maximum Modulation Mode to below MCS 15.
  • Fixed error with custom fields not transferring when an SM is transferred from one AP to another.
  • Improved positioning of pop-out panel on a Mac so that close window icons are always visible.
  • Updated Map functionality to ensure subscriber sites respect default colour settings.