LINKPlanner V4.3.9 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.3.9 are:

New or changed features

  • Added PTP 450 at 900MHz
    • Note that the PTP 450 at 900MHz is based on the PMP 450 900 MHz SM and shares the same accessories.
  • Created WiFi section in BOM Estimator to support cnPilot
    • Changed BOM Estimator to separate tabbed sections for PTP, PMP and WiFi
  • Added Quick Deploy Positioner as Optional Extras to PTP 450i, PTP 650, PTP 700 and PMP 450i SM
  • Added Performance parameters to SM Templates
    • This allows users to configure the minimum modulation mode and Availability Required for all PMP Links created from the template.
  • Improved response speed for multiple simultaneous profile requests
    • This significantly improves the time taken to request and receive larger numbers of profiles when requested at the same time, for example when requesting multiple PMP links on the same AP, or importing a batch of PTP links.
  • Update Commscope antenna information in-line with latest Commscope updates
    • This will make slight differences to the performance of licensed band PTP links, in the majority of cases this will result in a slight improvement in antenna gain, which feeds through to improve the fade margin and predicted availability.
  • Added additional K-factor information to pop-up Performance Summary and warnings if LOS links do not clear worst earth curvature.
    • Provided additional guidance to show that the availability calculations do not include the impacts of the Excess Path Loss at “Worst Earth”, as shown in the pop-up performance parameters window.


Bug Fixes

  • ePMP – prevent high gain custom antennas from appearing in selection and fixed error when deleting PTP links after creating high gain antenna
    • added gain limits information window to new antenna dialog.
  • Fixed error when deleting access points
  • PMP 450i 900 MHz - Changed SM product name to PMP 450
  • Fixed error which was capping top mode throughputs on Force 180/200
    • Removed the Fast Ethernet rate limit as Force 180 and Force 200 support GbE throughput rates
  • ePMP 1000 Fixed missing throughput limit in Max data rates shown in PMP Link Performance Details
    • The ePMP 1000 SM in LINKPlanner uses either the Integrated or Connectorized ePMP 1000, which has a Fast Ethernet (10/100 Base-Tx) Interface and is limited in maximum throughput.
  • Prevented Channel frequency warning from appearing when the regulation has split channel range
  • Provided support for PTP 700 Lite at 4.5 GHz
  • 450 family fixed UL capacity calculations missed from V4.3.8 update, slightly increases uplink throughput in some scenarios.

Hi ,

New version cannot search sites using the search bar.

I need to manually for the sites i wanted to see..which i have like right now 300+ sites to go through.

Really taking my time and not convenient..Example as picture.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, this is a bug in V4.3.9 and unfortunately it is not one that can be fixed with a patch, however it will be fixed in our next release, which will be available in April.




I was just about to post on if there was a way to a PTP 900Mhz setup.  As noticed that there are no options available for any 900MHz AP/SM.  So it is great that this new version supports it.

Is the PMP450 900Mhz and PMP450i 900Mhz the same when it comes to setup as a PTP?



When planning PTP links at 900 MHz the PTP 450 900 MHz end is very similar to the 900 MHz PMP 450 SM and has the same look and feel, although a few menu options will be different. There isn't a PTP 450i 900 MHz variant. The 450i is only available as an AP in the 900 MHz band.