LINKPlanner v4.8.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

Please note that the changes to add cnReach PMP means that the Channel Plan options have changed. V4.8.x will read earlier versions of channel plans, but any project with a channel plan saved in V4.8.x will not display correctly in earlier versions of LINKPlanner. Please ensure that everyone sharing projects with a channel plan are using V4.8.x.

The key features of 4.8.0/4.8.1 are:

New or changed features

  • cnReach
    • Added PMP option for 900 MHz United States

In general the PMP functionality operates in a similar manner as for other Cambium PMP products, however it does reflect the different configuration choices available in the PTP mode. At present there is no aggregate performance summary for the AP. Unlike other PMP products all SMs connected to the same AP have to use the same range of modulation modes and the same SM Max Payload Bytes. To ensure that these are configured the same for all SMs, they are set on the AP and not at the SM level. The SM can use Adaptive Modulation, but the AP can only use a single fixed modulation, which must be one of the modes available for the SM, hence the SM modes need to be selected first.


Channel plans can be created for all licensed band options, if the T/R spacing is set to Unpaired then the same channel will be used in both directions at the AP and the SM. When other T/R options are defined the Channel Plan table shows the channel for the AP.


When an AP is configured the same as an option in the channel plan a channel selection option will appear on the AP




And the paired channel will be shown as read only on all the SMs connected to that AP



  • Modified Cable Loss calculation on PTP to allow users to shorten installation kit cables and changed the BOM to use the cable type and length selected to decide which installation kits to include

The installation kits added to the BOM are no longer based on the antenna height, but are driven from the selection of cable type and the length of cable. If the antenna height is less the 47 ft the user will be prompted with a warning (as shown in yellow in the Access Point image above) to prompt you to tick the box to calculate the cable loss. The cable type will default to RG-213 and if the length is less than 52 feet one of the installation kits will be added to the BOM. Please note that the kits include a 2ft jumper which is included in the loss calculation and if the cable length is reduced this additional 2 ft jumper will need to be subtracted from the total cable length.

  • ePMP
    • Added Force 300-25 in PTP mode in the 5 GHz band
    • Added 30° and 60° horn antennas in the 5 GHz band
      • Note that these antennas are not available in FCC countries and Canada as they have not been type approved with the ePMP radios.
    • Added ability to select different optional extras for the local and remote ends when they are configured for different products

When the “New Extras” option is selected and the product at each end of a PTP link is different and has different optional extra choices, a separate selection list is offered for each end of the link.

If the choice made at each end of the link results in the same part number, the parts will be aggregated and shown as one line item in the BOM. As the products at each end are changed the optional extras will be adjusted accordingly.

  • PMP 450
    • Add PMP 450b High Gain as an SM option in the 5 GHz band
      • This product is not yet available in United States, FCC countries or Canada, awaiting Type Approval
    • PTP 550
      • Increased maximum transmit powers for each band
      • Increased minimum transmit power to 3 dB combined
      • Updated the BOM to reflect that the power supplies, line cords and brackets are in the radio kits
      • Updated the installation reports to reflect the product UI
      • Removed the external antennas at 5.9 GHz as not recommended for use in this band
    • PTP 670/700 HCMP
      • Added 5.8 GHz band for FCC and Canada for PTP 700 HCMP
      • Added omni antenna for 5 GHz PTP 700 HCMP
      • Added band edge back-offs for 5.8 GHz FCC and Canada for PTP 670 HCMP
    • General
      • Added the ability to modify groups of access points using the selection window in the Offline Map

Select an area on the map containing the required Access Points using the selection tool and then right click inside the area and select “Edit access points”. This will bring up a separate window with the same columns as shown on the Access Points table under the PMP Links view.


Bug Fixes

  • Prevented error from occurring when there is no profile present
  • Fixed error when on PMP ePMP 2000 and DL/UL ratio set to Flexible
  • Fixed issue which was preventing links with missing profiles from being shown in the Request Profile dialog
  • Fixed issue with the remote end default noise density in the interference showing a different value to the local end
  • Show SM antenna height in red if it is set to a value higher than the subscriber site maximum height



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