LINKPlanner v4.9.0 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The Windows version of this release is now a Cambium signed executable.

The key features of 4.9.0 are:

New or changed features

  • ePMP
    • Add ePMP 3000 as an AP with MIMO Modes = Off and 4x2 Single User
    • Add Force 300-16 and Force 300-25 as SMs on ePMP 3000
    • Updated ePMP capacity prediction algorithm
    • Added Guard Interval option for 11ac ePMP products

This first release supporting ePMP 3000 allows ePMP 3000 connections to Force 300-16 and Force 300-25 SMs only. Backwards compatibility with the 11n ePMP SMs and Mu-MIMO support will be added in a later release.

The changes in the capacity algorithm result in a small increase in predicted throughput for 11n products and a small decrease in throughput for 11ac products using the Long Guard interval. Throughput increases when using the Short Guard interval.

  • PTP 820
    • Added PTP 820F with RFU-D, RFU-D HP and RFU-S
    • Added 7 and 8 GHz PTP 820C HP radios
    • Changed default PTP 820C Wide radios to Non-MIMO radios to allow access to second port for multiple ethernet. Note Spatial Diversity with PTP 820C still requires MIMO radios

Note 18 GHz ETSI only uses the Wide MIMO radios for all Link Types


  • Obsolete PTP 800 antennas some of which are used on PTP 820 for remote mount configurations

This reduces the list of remote mount antenna options available as several are now no longer available from the manufacturer.


  • 450 family
    • Retired 5 GHz PMP 450 SM and 5 GHz PTP 450
  • General
    • Added total subscriber count to hub sites to allow easy identification of unused hub sites

  • Added more information to sites tables to notify how and if the sites are being used,

Network Sites table

Subscriber Sites table

  • Added additional notes to PTP 820 antennas to identify length of lead time
  • Added 29V CMM5 for PMP 450 AP and PTP 450, made CMM Micro and CMM4 parts obsolete
  • Updated geomagnetic declination in line with changes from NOAA

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue with CMM5 Warranty numbers in the hub and PMP BOM for HCMP to give the same number of warranties as CMM5 Power and Sync Injectors
  • Corrected Best Server when APs are created using PMP Equipment Templates
  • Corrected error with antenna polarization in cnReach Equipment Templates
  • Removed 1 Gbps Ethernet from PTP 820S 2+0 links and applied to PTP 820C 4+0 Single Ethernet (MC-ABC) links.
  • Reinstated remote mount adaptors for PTP 820G 1+1 Space Diversity links
  • Reduced number of TDM Protection cables on PTP 820G 2x 1+0 Unit redundancy
  • Obsolete PTP 820 Dragonwave antenna conversion kits from Radiowaves, replaced by alternative parts