LINKPlanner v5.2.2 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

Please note that we have issued a patch to fix an issue after deleting items, please see our forum post at for more details and the patch.

The key features of 5.2.2 are:

New or changed features

  • PTP 670/700
    • Add 7 and 8 GHz bands for PTP 700 with Release 03-00

PTP 700 is now a product option when selecting either the 7 or 8 GHz bands and works the same as for the sub 6 GHz PTP 700, except there is no E1/T1 support with this software release.

  • Add 1+1 HSB in all bands for PTP 700 with Release 02-70

PTP 700 now has a Link Type option which has options of 1+0 and 1+1 HSB.



Note that the 1+1 HSB option is only available when both local and remote product choices are the same in the sub 6 GHz bands, either both PTP 700 C+I or both PTP 700 C-Only and also does not support E1/T1 as it requires a more recent software version.


When 1+1 HSB is selected LINKPlanner adds two child paths for Primary to Primary and Secondary to Secondary and automatically enables Sync, as both radios must be synchronized to provide 1+1 Hot Standby operation. All the equipment choices in the Equipment panel are shared between both the Primary and Secondary paths


In the Configuration at Each End there is a choice of Antenna Configuration, either using a single antenna with a symmetric coupler, or two antennas through the Redundant Antennas option.



Note that the Symmetric Coupler cannot be used with the integrated antenna option. Where there is only an integrated antenna option, Symmetric Coupling will not be available.


When Symmetric Coupling is selected LINKPlanner shows the Coupler Loss in addition to the Cable Loss and both are used in the calculation of the EIRP and Predicted Receive Power. With a Symmetric Coupler the antenna choice and height is shared between the Primary and Secondary paths at that end of the link, however the cable losses, transmit power and EIRP can be set independently. With Redundant Antennas all options in the Configuration at Each End panel can be set independently.


  • Added new ROW – UK line cord PTP 670 radio kits
  • Removed Expert TDD Frame Mode from PTP 670 in HCMP mode
  • PTP 820
    • Add PTP 850E

This product is available only when 80 GHz is chosen for the frequency band.

  • Update PTP 820 products to Release 10.9
    • Includes various updates on transmit power, sensitivity and noise figures
    • Increased maximum modulation modes for PTP 820C Spatial Diversity
    • Limited Minimum Modulation Mode to 0 (QPSK) for PTP 820C and PTP 820C HP when in Single Ethernet (MC-ABC) and Hot Standby configurations.

These changes will affect the predicted throughput and availability for some bands and modulations but not across all products. Some bands and modulation modes will show improvements and others may show a degradation compared with previous versions.

  • Add new regulation for PTP 820G at 8 GHz as “Other” for 310 MHz T/R spacing
  • Obsolete Cat 5e Grounding Kit, replaced by common grounding for Cat 5e and Cat 6a
  • Obsolete some overlapping 11 GHz PTP 820C radios
  • Obsolete PTP 820F RFU-D HP at 7 GHz
  • Replace 2.5 GE Port Enable Activation Key with single Activation Key for 1 and 2.5 GE ports
  • Replace 10AWG DC cable drum with fixed lengths

The 10AWG cable is now available in fixed lengths of 150, 200, 250 and 300 m, with one end pre-terminated for connection to the radio.

  • Added Canadian compliance for PTP 820E antennas
  • PMP 450 family
    • Updated 450b High Gain to remove kits and provide separate radios and IP55 antenna assemblies.
    • Removed obsolete notice from 3 GHz PMP/PTP 450 radios
  • PTP 550
    • Updated integrated antenna parameters, as it is a common antenna with PTP 450i and PTP 670
    • Updated a number of regulations, including adding 5.1 GHz Canada and India across the 5 GHz band
    • Added CMM5 Sync parts to Optional Extras
  • ePMP
    • Add India across the 5 GHz bands
  • General
    • Improved hub creation process to speed up creating new hubs on large projects
    • Removed red slope line from the path profile display except for Non-LOS paths
    • Added a filter search box on the Antenna tables

This allows the antenna lists under PTP Antennas, Access Point Antennas and Subscriber Module Antennas to be filtered once at least 3 characters have been entered into the search box. The filter works on the Description, Products and Part columns.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error generating a Comsearch report for PTP 820E
  • Ensure a project always has the calculations updated before saving, even when automatic calculate is disabled to prevent errors when saving.
  • Prevented PMP equipment template from updating RRH number
  • Increased the maximum limits for user power and user EIRP to accommodate higher power products
  • Updated the “New Hub” dialog to use the SM Range and units from the selected template as default values. These can still be modified before creating the hubs.
  • Ensure the Required Modulation Modes are stored in the PMP Equipment Template
  • Fixed issue with Groups showing errors on load
  • Corrected number of electrical SFP modules for PTP 820C HP 2+0 and 4+0 links
  • Fixed error when creating installation reports for Force 300 subscriber modules
  • Added a default selection for group dialog on the Mac platform
  • Fixed error when entering an empty height value in the profile editor