LINKPlanner v5.3.3 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

These release notes combine the changes for both V5.3.2 and V5.3.3. An issue with configuring PTP 550 links resulted in a rapid update from V5.3.2 to V5.3.3 meaning most users will not have downloaded V5.3.2.

The key features of 5.3.2 are:

New or changed features

  • PMP 450
    • Added PMP 450 MicroPop

The 450 MicroPop is available as an alternative AP product in the 4.9 to 5.8 GHz bands and has options of either an omni or sector antenna. It operates with all the same features as the other 450 products, except that an additional license key is required if the SM Range is greater than 2 miles or Max Registrations Allowed is greater than 20. In these cases a warning will be shown in the Equipment and the license key will be automatically added to the BOM.

  • Added MIMO Rate Adapt selection capability

All the 450 products now support the capability to set the MIMO Rate Adapt configuration to match the settings in the product with the following choices:

  • MIMO-A/B – this is the current configuration
  • MIMO-A only – restricts the modulation mode choices to only those on MIMO-A
  • MIMO-B only - restricts the modulation mode choices to only those on MIMO-B

In the Tables views this is shown as Dual Payload to match existing products and Enabled refers to MIMO-A/B

In PMP the Modulation mode restrictions are applied on the PMP Link in the SM Equipment configuration.


  • PTP 670/700
    • Added 4.4 to 6 GHz omni antennas
    • Made obsolete 5 to 6 GHz omni antennas
  • General
    • Added climatic factors to PMP Links Table view

The parameters found in the PTP Proposal Report in the Climatic Factors section are now available as columns in the PMP Table views. Note that which of the columns are populated is dependent on the Prediction Model selected in Project Properties. The example below is for ITU-R.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with old Motorola registry settings being copied to Cambium settings
  • Fixed error in BOM Estimator when creating 2+x or 4+0 links
  • Corrected issue with NLOS availability calculations, which was being optimistic for cnRanger and cnReach products
  • Corrected Flex Waveguide required for PTP 820C HP and PTP 820F RFU-D HP when using remote mount antennas
  • Fixed error when trying to move a connected subscriber site
  • Added missing GbE Port Activation key for 4+0 MC-ABC links and small bandwidths
  • Corrected issues with RDN 5785 waveguide in PTP 700 2+0 (wrong quantity and loss) and in HCMP to ensure that it is fixed length and added to the BOM
  • Corrected issues when reversing links with different remote products or on complex links and enabled reverse links in PTP 820 Multiband
  • Fixed error when loading project with PTP 700 C-Only 2+0 links


  • Fixed error configuring PTP 550/PTP 550E 2+0 link.