LINKPlanner v5.4.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of 5.4.1 are:

New or changed features

PTP 670/700

  • Added Asymmetry to synchronized links for Rel 670-03-12

    More information on this feature is available in the Knowledge Base article, Configuring TDD Sync for Asymmetry

  • Updated TDD Sync calculations to correct actual burst durations on both PTP 670 and 700

  • PTP 700 – changed Adaptive symmetry to Asymmetric for internal sync option

ePMP 3000

  • Added Dual Horn antenna

  • Added ITELITE omni antenna

    Please note that neither of these antennas is available in the 4.9 GHz band.

  • Added another bracket to Optional Extras


  • Added r195P to the BOM Estimator
  • Added XV2-2 to the BOM Estimator

PTP 820

  • Added additional PTP 820S 7 GHz sub-band to 161 MHz T/R spacing
  • Removed PTP 820F with RFU-S option – projects will automatically be updated to use the RFU-D instead
  • Updated Optional Extras to include more accessories

60 GHz cnWave

  • Updated EIRP, antenna gain and sensitivity parameters

PMP 450m

  • Added PMP 450m Limited radios to Optional Extras


  • Updated the performance calculations to use the configured frequency in each direction rather than centre frequency. This has most impact on FDD links in higher frequency bands that have a large T/R spacing.

    There may be small changes in the path loss, availability and throughput results, for any PTP link with configured transmit frequencies.

  • Updated PMP to display magnetic bearing in PMP link table views and as a tooltip on the Subscriber Module

    To see the tooltip hover the mouse over the Antenna Azimuth on the Subscriber Module Equipment.
    The new columns are available in the PMP Links view and the Links to Subscriber Module view. To add more columns see


  • Updated Viewshed to allow user to enter radius to 1 decimal place for short range devices

    There is a minimum range for a viewshed of 500 m as shorter ranges are too dependent on the location of the site within the pixel and the pixel resolution causing unusual artefacts in the viewshed display.

  • Added new pop-up display on Performance details to include Unavailability time as well as percentage Availability

    To show the Pop-up select the blue info icon in the top left of the Performance Details table. Right click to copy the data from the table and paste into Excel, please note that this doesn’t paste into other text based programs like Word or Powerpoint.


    The Unavailability is also shown as a tooltip if you hover the mouse over a Mode Availability cell in the main Performance Details table.


Bug Fixes

  • cnWave 60 GHz - added interference to the availability calculations
  • cnRanger BOM - removed junction boxes
  • PTP 820 BOM - removed OMT parts when using external dual polarization antennas
  • cnRanger - corrected Unicode error on installation report
  • Improved error reporting in the online map