List of variables and their values?

Anyone know of a resource I can reference when setting user-defined overrides? Something that will list all (or at least a lot of the more common) variables available, and proper wording for the values I need to assign? I.e. mwan_ipaddr=${wanip=x.x.x.x}, that kind of thing. I have a pretty large task ahead of me, programming a number of these APs (cnPilot R201s), and I would LOVE to have a way to know "OK, I need to change settings X, Y, and Z, what are the variables and values associated with those settings?" Would be super-handy. Definitely more handy than digging through the downloadable config files and hoping that what I pick is correct.

If not, do they follow a standard of any kind? Like, is this universal wording for these settings, something I could Google and find, or see listed in a Wikipedia article or something. I'm betting not, since my boss (who is kind of a whiz-kid when it comes to networking) seems pretty lost on the whole thing. I am definitely new to this whole Cambium thing, and while I've learned a lot, there is still a lot that I don't know.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Any parameter supported by devices via configuration file can be overridden with replacement variables.  There is not a set list since they are user defined.

If you are asking for a listing of parameters available along with meaning and valid values, as far as I know a list isn't available.

I do recommend using this guide for setting up User-Defined Overrides.  It should help in finding and setting device parameters.

It may help to know what you are trying to accomplish.  Is there a specific set of settings that you want to override?  Are they not included in the AP Group/WLAN screens?

@Jordan wrote:

If you are asking for a listing of parameters available along with meaning and valid values, as far as I know a list isn't available.

That, unfortunately, is precisely what I'm after. It would be far more efficient to have something which I could reference when I need to know a particular setting. As for any particular one I'm in need of right now, no, I don't have anything. All the settings I've done so far have been pretty straightforward and easy enough to find. I was just hoping that either there would be a reference somewhere I could consult when/if I need to in the future, or that the verbiage used was something standard, something I could just look up elsewhere and know that I'm changing the correct thing. Instead of having to go searching through the ~ 985-line config file, hoping I find the correct item.

If you have the clout to get Cambium to listen, this would be a worthwhile suggestion for something in the near future. Just a page on the site where anyone could go and look up any of the pertinent variables and their respective values, so we could know we're doing it right. Would save Cambium time and money too, instead of making it so that we have to call support, they have to open a ticket, send it along to the right person, we all have to spend too much time explaining and understanding what's going on, for them to say "Oh, for that, just type this." Just a thought.

The OIDs are helpful since they show the values

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