Lite License Upgrade takes how long?

Been sitting here for three days waiting for a upgrade License to my in production epmp 1000 lite.

How long is this supposed to take?

I would check with your distributor... I think the last license I bought came within a day.


As Mathew said, check with your distributor. As a disty we receive them typically next day depending on when we cut the PO to Cambium. 3 days is far too long for an upgrade key.


Got it finally all i do is goto Tools>License Management put the license in and click save?

if thats it then not only did it take 3 days its the wrong one. ugh.

Once you receive à Entitlement ID.

You must go on Cambium support site
click on "licence keys" tab
click on "activate entitlement" on the left menu
then follow instruction.

The downside is that you can buy entitlement ID instantly online. It would be even greater to buy it directly from the AP WebUI. Maybe I look at idea and check if it's already there.

Piggy back question - I am waiting on epmp 1000 licence upgrade but have some 2000 licenses.....will the 2000 license work on the 1000? - Thanks

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Hi Arnie,

No, the ePMP 2000 license cannot be used on an ePMP 1000 and vice versa.


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How do I get the Entitlement ID. ?


You will get it from your distributor once the order is full filled.