Live and stable in the wild

Finally got a few minutes to share our elevate story.

Smooth and clear sailing.

Overnight we push the stock key back to active cpes, changed AP back and then sent up firmware to all of the ubnt devices and sent the keys and names to the old ubnt radios, swapped back to original key and was back in service in 15 minutes. Much much faster than any truck rolling could have done. My person favorite from this transition: we’ve got a setup with 5ghz feeding smaller wooden utility poles that serve the customers. 3 sectors that used to be ubnt rockets where changed to 3 Cambium APs (full synced 5ghz) pulled elevate firmware to all of the beams (9 total) on those poles and good to go. Did that particular transition in under 5 minutes a sector middle of the day. We observed almost double the bandwidth being used downstream (those customers had already been changed to epmp hardware). Made this change last week and has been problem free since. Finally the Ubnt hardware is running smoothly :wink:


Cool story bro.