(epmp1000, force 200) 

Can i disabled LLDP Tx on some interface, e.g eth1 or eth2, when client is directly connected on selected interface?

Currently, LLDP can broadcast to all interfaces without exception when LLDP is enabled. We do not want the client to see what he should not see (for example, IP, VLAN, system name, etc.). At the same time, LLDP needs us to know this data from the management network.

Neighbor index :1
Chassis type   :MAC address
Chassis ID     :0004-56xx-xxxx
Port ID type   :MAC address
Port ID        :0004-56xx-xxxx
Port description    :eth0
System name         :test_name
System description  : Linux #2 Thu Nov 3 17:02:43 EET 2016 mips
Management address type  :ipv4
Management address value :
OID  :
Expired time   :108s

VLAN name of VLAN 110:br-lan.110

Auto-negotiation supported :No
Auto-negotiation enabled :No
OperMau :speed(Unknown)/duplex(Unknown)

Link aggregation supported:Yes
Link aggregation enabled :No
Aggregation port ID :0


Today it is not possible.

You can configure LLDP settings to Receive and Transmit or Receive Only.

Thank you.