Load balancing 2 T1s and cable access

Hello all,

Just curious what your experience has been and what gear you are using/ reccommend for this:

Bonding and load balancing 2 T1s, 1 + cable access (will start with one pipe, and add more later). These are, of course, from different providers.

I want to be able to combine bandwidth of all sources to give my customers more.

Looking for a cheap option that actually works, if there is one.

Thank you.

Are these T1s and your cable backhaul to a central site or your internet connection? Are the T1s bundled?

yes, the T1s are bonded, going into a Cisco 2600. The cable pipe will come into the same location. 2600 connected to a Mikrotik PC that handles DHCP and the PTP link to my main tower.