Load SSL certificate in cnMatrix EX2028-P

Hi, I have a Let's encrypt certificate that I would like to use in a cnMatrix EX2028-P. What should I paste in "Enter Certificate Signed By Certification Authority ":

I thought that was the "cert + chain + key" but that doesn't work.


This screen allows the user to configure the server-certificate input in PEM format.
It imports the public certificate of the SSL server. When the SSL server certificate
installation is complete, SSL server sends this certificate for authentication of

Enter Certificate Signed by Certification Authority -

Select to enter Certificate Signed by Certification Authority. The user manually enters the
details of the certificate.

Please see screenshot example.

Thanks for the quick reply.

But I don't have the certificate request. I have a let's encrypt wildcard subdomain certificate, can I use it on this device, how?


We do not support that. 

The Web feature is a means by which a CSR (certificate request) is generated. You then take that output, and give it to a certificate authority which gives you a certificate. You then paste the certificate in the text area under "Enter Certificate Signed By Certification Authority ". Select the button, and then Apply. 

You can not paste a certificate that was not obtained from a CSR developed by the switch. Because, when creating the CSR, the switch retains the key, and then checks that key against the new certificate entered. If it does not match then the certificate will not be applied.

Thanks, thats good to know.