Local network/WAN setup

I have installed 3 AP’s on a cluster serving 5 SM’s at different remote building locations. There is a backhaul to my main building. I want to set up a network so that it works like its all one network(everyone can talk to everyone else). I have to use static IP’s. Sounds simple enough, but I can’t get one remote building to talk to another remote building.

Posting some details and auctually asking a question or two would probally increase your changes of getting some help and our changes of being able to help.

Access Point are on top of a water tower, along with a 20 mbs backhaul pointing to our main building where the servers reside, along with our internet connection/firewall. The SM’s are at 5 different buildings, all within 1.5 miles of the tower. My IP’s are private thru 255 and are static.

I currently use DSL to connect the building to the main building and it works as if they were all in one building, not by VPN. A computer in building “A” can access a shared resoure at building “B”, etc.

What setting(s) need to be changed to mimic this type of set up. When I try to even ping building “B” from Building “A” it fails.

What are the SM’s terminated in? Layer-2 or Layer-3 Device? If each SM is terminated in a switch at each building, all you have to do is make sure that all the computers on all of the switches are on the same subnet and it should work fine.

msmith wrote:
all you have to do is make sure that all the computers on all of the switches are on the same subnet and it should work fine.

Absolutely, you're basically making a big LAN that spans across Canopy bridges. If the computers in one building are on the same subnet as comptuers in another building then it'll work.

Lets say you have a router that your APs attach to addressed and the PCs in all 5 buildings are addressed from that subnet with as the gateway. With that configuration, all of the building's PCs will be accessable via non-routable protocols.

Also, sorry about being alittle short with you yesterday.

Start simple check that the machine you can not connect to is not an WinXP machine with SP2 and a firewall on it.
Switch the pin point ( location where BH and SM’s are located, if all of those points are switched and all machines share the same subnet address, in your case, and no software based firewall exists on the workstations then all can see each other.

Thanks for all the reply’s. I started at the CMM and AP’s. I rebooted all of them and the the SM’s regitered and are seen accross the network as described.

A new problem has come up in which the SM’s seem to drop out and are not seen by the AP’s. I have to telnet to the AP’s and reset them, then all is well for 4 or 5 hours?

Are you getting power brown outs? Is there something else in the air? If there is another signal from another wireless network, (Point to Point) they may do a back up or large data transfer every few hours. It is possible that it is getting in your data path and killing your signal.

If you are set (and you should be set) to use one channel in the band, e.g. 2.40/40 but the other signal is stepping through the band using every channel in the band then you are going to have issues.

I had an office setup a 2.4 wireless shot directly across my data path that knocked out a customer, I was lucky enough to be close enough to his data point that I could get under his data stream and put a reflector on to grab more of my signal. Since then the customer has been up 100% of the time.