Localized Interference

We’ve been trying to get a 20MB BH link working for about 3 days now. Thing is when we have the radio on the ground we can access it with no problems. However once we put it on the tower we can’t ping it or log into to. We have replaced the radio and the cable still no go.

We mounted the BH right near an antenna that a radio station is using for broadcast. Operating at 91.3 on the fm band and pushing out about 1600Watts. Is it possible that the radio stations broadcast is desnseing ours so much that it can’t boot-up? Has anyone come across this?

400ft tower with 5 BH’s and one Omni all at 7.2.9fw powered and synced with a CMMmicro at 2.08fw. CMM is aobut 125ft up the tower. Everything else on the tower works fine execpt for this one BH.

Cheers…and thanks

When you are testing the unit on the ground, are you using the same cable that the unit uses once it has been mounted?

How are you powering the unit when it is on the ground?

No we are not using the same cable. But we have replaced the cable already,a nd have tested it. Everything checks out. When we tested the unit we powered it from the same cmm port that the cable on the tower was using and it worked fine.

We are sorta at a lose right now.

did you have a backhaul mounted at this position on the tower before.

Did you test the replaced cable on the ground or after it was installed?

Is the cable shielded? Does the Ethernet LED (green) on the CMM port light up indicating connections on pins 1&2, 3&6?

If the CMM-Micro port is set to provide voltage, that port will be lit red even if no cable is terminated into the port. What do the LEDs on the Backhaul itself look like while the module is installed and mounted? Are you sure the unit is receiving power?

Yes, unit is recieveing power and and is cycling through the lights as normal.

We did not test the cables on the ground because it’s a pain in the butt, it’s easier just to spool off the cable as we climb the tower. BUt both cables we installed all tested fine…

We have not mount anything at this exact hight before. The closest radio is our 2.4 Cyclone Omni at about 310ft, about 15ft or so below this BH and the radio stations equipment.

I have experienced this. We tried putting up a cluster on a tower, once the kit is on the tower you can’t ping it over a cable, bring it to the floor and it is fine…

In our case it was due to strong RF around the tower… in the end we just moved to a different locations… we spent 2 weeks doing extensive testing…

In the end we used STP cable to get that part sorted out but then had issues on the RF side

Is the backhaul programed already? Try a different Ip address, I had a simular problem with an Ap :oops: I had already used the Ip address I was trying to usa again in the Ap. Once I corrected the Ip let me right in