Locked out of admin superuser

Hello all,
Locked out of Cnmaestro super admin account … seems we have either forgotten the password or written it down wrong… We have access two 2 admin accounts… .

Currently Running on VMware ESX 6.7.0 server … then a VM of Ubuntu 16.04 and maestro 2.4.2- r10

I HAVE FOLLOWED THE STEPS IN THE MANUAL …PAGES 370 to 375 … i cannot get the vm console to load the grub to get in the back door by holding shift and restarting the VM …wondering if any other way or solution so i dont have to reinstall the whole cnmaestro … as currently have a lot or AP and modems and configs in the server At the moment…

Any ideas thanks in advance Adam

Hi Snocrash – the Virtual Machine Account Recovery directions are for when you can no longer log into the VM Console TUI (and have forgotten the “cambium” user password). If you still have that and have only lost the Super Administrator password, you can create a one-time UI password through the Console by navigating to Maintenance > Recovery. The user “cnmaestrotemp” will have Super Administrator privileges and can make User updates.

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Sry Rob , never got back to you … I got busy but your solution prodded me in the right direction So thank You Adam