Log for changing AP (ePMP2000)


We have a network with APs ePMP2000 and clients with Force108/200. In several cases the client has option to connect to multiple APs and that's great - redundancy. But we don't even know that SM changed AP and we don't even know that might be an issue with that AP. Is there any way, or is it in log somehow written, so we can see that devices changed AP? And I was hoping a little bit more than such as "Station Registered". 

It would be perfect if we would have under client Notifications or somewhere a tab, where would be list, to which APs client was connected and what was the signal at the time.

Any thoughts from your side of view?


Hi ,

These details can be known from the SM  device Monitor->System Log .  But in cnMaestro currently it will not show that the SM has roamed from AP1 to AP2 and what is the reason. We will consider your feedback and try to get it implemented after discussing with the engineering team.



Ok, thanks for the info. Hope to implement it as soon as possible.