Log information of SM Registrations

Is there any type of log information on the SM or AP about SM registrations? Re-regs in particular.

Even if was just the time that is occurs would be helpful.

On the “Session status” page of the AP you can see the Reg/ReReg counters for every SM.

Session Count: 41, Reg Count 103, Re-Reg Count 77


I was familiar with that already.

Was hoping for a log someone with more detailed information.

Ok, so you could be interested in the engineering page:

where is the SM ip address (management ip)
and 0a0b0c0d0e0f is the SM MAC address

the result is in XML format and contains various info about session regs



cool find! Doesn’t look like much for what I was looking for, but this engineering page could be quite handy.

In order to get the data you are looking for you wil need to use an snmp monitoring system.

graphing ping, rf level, and jitter on an sm can be quite revealing.