login remotely to SM, still no internet for customer

We have encountered a few instances where I can access the SM through the web interface remotely on the network, but the customer cannot access the internet. Usually after a few hard resets the internet is restored. In some cases our technician cannot login locally while I can view the radio remotely.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

If running anything greater than 7.3.6 and less than 8.2.2 firmware it’s probably ethernet lockup. We encountered that a lot on the 8.x releases.

8.2.2 all the way. Maybe it’s not entirely fixed?

They claim it is, and although I have not personally come across the issue in 8.2.2 that doesn’t mean it isn’t one.

Try changing the connectors, We have gotten a few that just wouldn’t pass data.(wink wink) I know we didn’t put them on wrong

were these customers using routers?

VLAN1 wrote:
were these customers using routers?

That's what I was fixing to ask. :wink: We require all of our customers to use a router on their end, and just the other day I had a wan port puke on one. I could still acces the SM remotely, but the customer was not pulling an IP. After a few router resets there was no change. I had her connect the SM pigtail directly to her pc, she pulled a IP, and everything was peachy.

That can also be an Ethernet mismatch. Try forcing the SM to 10M/FD

Jerry Richardson wrote:
That can also be an Ethernet mismatch. Try forcing the SM to 10M/FD

If that is the case wouldn't you see ethernet stat errors?

who knows, 8.x has been such a fiasco…

alot of customers after we upgraded had to have theyre radio forced to 10baseT for their ethernet to work

I’d also recommend only enabling one of the four modes at a time to eliminate the autodetect. Try each one and see if you establish a link with any of the four. If the card is very old, or hard set in the advanced properties, you’ll have to match it’s settings.