Logout option of Guest Portal hosted by cnMaestro or access point

I have experienced  a common problem in logout option in all options of Guest Portal whether it is hosted in internal access point(Clickthrough/Radius/LDAP/Local Guest Account access policy). May I know, any member from our community get the same problem till now. Once login to the guest portal logout option automatically  appear but after clicking on the logout tab the user could not logout but need to close the browser in order to logout. This is not a good practice al all as it could not ensure whether the session has successfully closed or not.Hence, I am looking for help form our community if i could get any support to resolve this issue.


There was bug in the logout option when custom title text has been configured which you have done. This has been fixed and will be part of 3.8 which will be released in next two months. The user does get logout but due to the bug it doesn't display the logout successful message.

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Thanks Kunal.I am waiting for the new firmware.