Long-Distance Hops: any tips??

We are currently trying a 7.5 mile hop between two buildings. We have the AP mounted about 60 ft (on a tower on the roof of one building), and the SM mounted about the same height on the other building. We are using 5.2Ghz. We have dishes on both ends.

The thing is, we can’t get a peep out of the SM when we try to align it with the AP. Nothing, nada. It worked here in house before we mounted it. I thought with the dishes, we could get at least 10 miles out of a single hop.

As for interference, we don’t have much on the SM end, but we are just above a row of tall trees on the AP end. The terrain is flat, flat, flat.

As a general rule, though, what do you guys do when trying to align long distances? Any tips or tricks?

Thanks!! :smiley: