Long Link problem (15.3miles)

Hi There!

I have a 15.3miles long link, connecting two cities together.
I’m using BH20 to do the job, and most if the time it works nice, but sometimes it unlinks (no, the units are still up).
The strangest things, my RSSI is walking from 950 (noon) to 1400 (midnight)
and back. Jitter is mostly constant under 9, thruput is 100% in both directions.
But! I’m having assymetric values, like -66dBm power at the Slave and -62dBm at the master unit! (slave has 23-24dB tx pwr, master has 19dB)
Is there any chance to get the master to higher pwr?
I there any chance to the unit tell me if it’s interference problem or other (like something makes high attenuation).
My biggest problem, today, at dawn, there are moderate fog in this area, but the link was dropped for an hour! (can a fog cause problems in 5.8G? can it do 10-15dB extra attenuation? i have more than 15dB link margin even with 19dB txpower at master side!)

Fog has a lot of moisture, this will eat 5.8. I would almost say to check the alignment again. Peak one side in slave mode using audible tone first then switch the other side to slave and repeat. It can take up to 4 times to really dial it in. Only work with one side at a time. I currently have a link that is 16 miles with a rssi of 1300 and jitter of 1. Do you have full fresnel zone clearence at the middle of the link?

To check for interference I would say turn on the spectrum analyzer in the slave unit turn off the other side and see what you see…also take a 5.8 sm and do a sweep with both sides off as well to see if there is anything off the side of the link as the dishes are pretty tight to sweep with.

There are interference on the Slave side.
It’s installed on the side wall of the lifthouse of a 9story building (so about 30m height)
but just behind that build there are two 10 story buildings.
On the nearest building there is 1 AP (on the other side of spectrum) and on the next 10story, there are 3 p2p links with 1 and 2 foot dishes, same distance opposite polarity.
I did a freq analysis, and showed me to use 5815mhz as a baseband.
On the other chanells, jitter is getting higher.