long time to re-register

When I have a registered link working at 100% up and down and I reboot the AP, change AP frequency, or any setting, or change something on the SM, it takes at least 4.25 minutes for the link to come back up. The AP will show zero transmitting power and no GPS sync for 4 minutes. That is a really long time to wait when trying to run link tests on different frequencies. I only have the 5.7 ghz band checked off at 20 mhz channel widths - nothing else. Seems like at the slightest change the SM wants to scan all the checked frequencies again. How about having the SM remember the last channel in use and use that one first?


If you do not need GPS Sync while testing (this AP is not co-located with others APs), you could temporarily configure your AP to "internal" synchronization and this may expedite things a bit. APs with GPS Sync enabled wait until they have  acquired and are tracking GPS signal from at least 4 satellites before they start transmitting. Using the internal mode, there is no waiting to sync with an external timing source, hence the AP will be transmitting much quicker.

Hope this is helpful.

But the question still remains why the AP woukd have to reboot at all for so many things? Why even reboot for a channel change? Many other brands can make routing changes or SNMP name changes or channel changes and simply ‘activate’ those changes on the fly with very little disruption.

the newer firmware, it doesn't need to reboot between some of those changes. 

also if your GPS is taking 4 minutes to lock, you may need to re-think your GPS atennas location.   your signal isn't to hot. our units find sync and are locked within 2 usually.   don't have much need to reboot them though.  

the GPS antennas get the best signal when standing upright with the wave symbols facing the sky.   in missouri, we get 45 to 50 SNR for the GPS signals in our APs so they get sync very quickly.   

Thanks Chris_Bay I didn't check that. Two APs on the same mast and one sees 8 satellites and this one is seeing only 1. The antennas are mounted the same way, but I see now that I need to go up there and move the thing around. Once I put it in internal sync the SM took like 2 secs to show up.

Does the re-register start from the last known freq though or does the SM do a complete re-scan of all checked freqs each time?

After I did the internal sync, the detail under the Wireless tab shows only the  MAC address and the IP address and no other detail.

Hello John,

It may be worth trying a different known good GPS antenna (one you may have previously tested) with that AP. If the AP synchronization time and satellite tracking improves with a new antenna, it could be just a bad/marginal GPS antenna.  You should be able to get a replacement antenna from Cambium if that is the case.

Regarding re-registration, I do believe the algorithm checks for an AP operating in the last known successful frequency before the SM goes into scanning mode for the rest of the band.


Did that still happen after refreshing the WebUI?


Hello John,

What browser are you using?